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<NYSP> Corporate Private Retirement Scheme: The Secret Weapon for Talent Retention in Small and Medium Enterprises

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia are constantly facing the challenge of attracting and retaining top talent. An exceptional employee benefits program is crucial for attracting potential employees, as it demonstrates the company’s commitment to their welfare and long-term career development. From health insurance and retirement benefit plans to flexible working hours and career development opportunities, these benefits reflect the company’s values and culture. This challenge becomes more complex with the modern workforce’s evolving expectations for employee benefits. The Corporate Private Retirement Scheme (Corporate PRS) offers an innovative solution for SMEs, not only enhancing talent retention strategies but also fostering a corporate culture that encourages long-term loyalty and commitment. The Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) is a voluntary long-term investment plan aimed at helping individuals save for retirement. Launched by the Securities Commission of Malaysia in 2012, it supplements the existing mandatory Employees Provident Fund (EPF), allowing employers to make additional contributions towards their employees’ retirement. It is distinguished by tax incentives, flexibility, and a wide range of investment options, catering to different risk preferences and retirement goals.

Advantages of Corporate PRS

Enhancing Employee Benefits: Incorporating the Corporate PRS into the benefits package significantly enhances the employer’s value proposition. It not only enriches the overall benefits package but also emphasizes the employer’s commitment to the long-term welfare of employees.

Tax Advantages: The plan offers mutual tax benefits for employers and employees. Employers enjoy tax deductions for their contributions, while employees benefit from tax relief, making the Corporate PRS a financially advantageous option for both parties.

Flexibility and Diversity: The plan provides a wide range of investment options, ensuring every employee can find a plan that matches their retirement savings goals.

Encouraging Long-term Commitment: SMEs that encourage their employees to invest in their future foster a culture of long-term planning and loyalty, which has a direct positive impact on reducing employee turnover rates.

Customizing Vesting Plans

A key feature of the Corporate PRS is offering various vesting plans, including immediate, cliff, graded, and hybrid vesting, designed to motivate long-term service and alignment with company interests. By selecting a vesting plan that aligns with organizational goals, businesses can maximize the impact of Corporate PRS on talent retention and employee satisfaction.

  1. Immediate Vesting: Employer contributions are immediately owned by employees, which is highly attractive for immediate recruitment.
  2. Cliff Vesting: Employees are required to work for a specific period before gaining rights to employer contributions, promoting long-term service.
  3. Graded Vesting: This plan allows employees to gradually acquire employer contributions over time, fostering continuous loyalty
  4. Hybrid Vesting: Combining elements of cliff and graded vesting, it offers no initial ownership, followed by gradual accumulation of vested interests.

Selecting the appropriate vesting plan is crucial for maximizing the impact of Corporate PRS on employee retention and satisfaction. Good news for employers considering implementing Corporate PRS: it is now possible to start the plan with just one employee. This opens up opportunities for more SMEs to use this tool to retain talent. The implementation process includes selecting a suitable certified PRS provider, determining contribution and vesting plans, and integrating them into the company’s HR strategy. Ensuring employees understand the benefits of the plan is essential for its success.

Case Study

Consider the example of a tech startup that adopted a graded vesting Corporate PRS plan. Over five years, the company observed a significant decrease in employee turnover and an increase in job applications, demonstrating the effectiveness of Corporate PRS in enhancing talent retention and attractiveness as an employer.


The Corporate Private Retirement Scheme provides SMEs with a key strategic tool for gaining a competitive advantage in the fierce talent market. As a high-cost-effective retirement savings plan, it plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining key talent.

For business leaders and HR professionals committed to achieving long-term success in talent retention, gaining an in-depth understanding of the Corporate Private Retirement Scheme is a strategic move. VKA Wealth Planners Sdn. Bhd., a Corporate PRS Advisory firm licensed by the Securities Commission, will customize the plan according to your specific organizational needs, ensuring you fully leverage the benefits of Corporate PRS to enhance your employee benefits package and ensure the long-term success of your talent management strategy.